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PETKIT Air Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator -Concentrated Air Purifying - 3Pk

PETKIT Air Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator -Concentrated Air Purifying - 3Pk

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Product Description

PETKIT Air MagiCube Concentrated Air Purifying Refill is a concentrated solution for your PURA Air Magic Cube Smart Odour Eliminator that makes your home smell fresh and pleasant even with your kitty's poop being just around the corner! On the occasions that you're not home for most of the day, you always come home to a stinky box.
The only way to keep your home smelling fresh is if you have the right concentrated odour eliminator that doesn't mask the smell, but destroys it!
Now your home will not just feel like home but will also smell like a hooman's home with Petkit Air MagiCube Smart Odour Eliminator, the future of Concentrated Air Purifying odour buster that does the wonders for you

Benefits and Features:
The targeted formula eliminates pet odours and freshens every room. A convenient and easy-to-fill cube is the most efficient solution for your home.
Makes your home smell like heavenly hoomans again and not like an impostor poop living in it
Purrr-fect for the modern pet parent, incorporating clever technologies to make life just a little bit easier - and happier
Finally, an odour eliminator that doesn't just look the part, but plays the part as well
Opposes even the strongest, lingering, punching smell at the source and crushes it.
Works with any litter so no need to shop for different odour removers
Keep that litter box from smelling annoying to amazing!
Quickly freshens up the cat litter box with NO HASSLE
You can now spend less time scooping and cleaning up to more time bonding and having fun with your kitty
Could save you and your cat from the MEAN and HARMFUL Ammonia!
Effectively neautralizes and decompose harmful substances

Directions for Use:
Pour the whole package of the product into the empty barrel of PETKIT AIR MAGIC Cube.
Add 2700ml clean water to activate the cube

Product Volume: 300ml x 3
Product Quantity: 3 pack

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