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Giantz Automatic Chicken Feeder - Treadle Self Opening Coop

Giantz Automatic Chicken Feeder - Treadle Self Opening Coop

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Product Description

Automate Your Chicken Feeding with the Giantz Auto Chicken Feeder

Do you struggle to remember to feed your chickens or keep pests away from their food? The Giantz Automatic Chicken Feeder is here to help. Made of rust-proof galvanized steel, this automatic feeder allows your chickens to have access to food anytime and in a secure supply.

The weight-operated lid requires a minimum weight of 2kg on the platform to open, keeping out rats, mice, and birds. The self-activated platform allows chickens to feed themselves, eliminating the worry of missed meals when you forget to feed them. With a large 5kg feed capacity, you'll have to refill it less often. Plus, the skid-resistant surfaces and smooth edges make it easy to use and maintain.

Give your chickens the convenience and security they deserve with the Giantz Automatic Chicken Feeder.


Nose to Tail Info.

Features & Specifications

  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Feeding capacity: 5kg approximately
  • Required weight to open lid: 2kg
  • Size: Please check gallery pictures
  • Colour: Silver

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