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Cheeky Chooka Poultry Feeder & Waterer Set

Cheeky Chooka Poultry Feeder & Waterer Set

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If you're looking to save time and money on feeding your chickens, the Cheeky Chooka set is the perfect solution!

It comes with everything you need to feed four to six chickens, including a rain cover for weather protection, an innovative design that reduces wastage, and a clean valve-operated drinker cup for a fresh supply of clean water that's easy to fill.

Plus, it has four aluminumĀ brackets and eight zinc 'needle point' screws, so you can easily attach them to a solid timber or iron wall. Now you can rest easy knowing that your chickens are getting the food and clean water they need - no more wasted time or money!

Feed only your chickens not the sparrows, squirrels or rodents. Rain cover for weather protection Hooks straight onto mesh or attach to a wall with free wall brackets included.

1 Cheeky chooka set suits 4-6 chickens.

These waterers and feeders are designed to simply hook onto the mesh of your coop. lf you find that the hooks are too large for the mesh of your coop, you have several options. You could cut the mesh slightly to make the hooks fit, or you could attach several 'quick-links', 'd-shackles' or even cable ties to your coop for the hooks to attach to (quick-links shown in the picture and available from most hardware stores).

Are you tired of sweeping up wasted feed in your chook pen? Sick of throwing away spoiled feed every time it rains? Our Automatic Chicken Feeder is your best chance to eliminate rodents and protect feed from rain. Now installed in thousands of chicken coops throughout Australia and the world, our no-waste feeders pay for themselves in no time! Feeder is 3kg capacity, 50cm tall, UV stable, durable PVC Water is 4 litre capacity with x 2 cup style drinker, 50cm tall, UV stable

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