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Cheeky Chooka Horizontal Poultry Water Nipple 5Pk

Cheeky Chooka Horizontal Poultry Water Nipple 5Pk

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The Cheeky Chooka Horizontal Poultry Water Nipple 5Pk is an innovative solution for your poultry drinking needs. Crafted of durable engineering plastics that won't be damaged by long-term exposure, this horizontal nipple is suitable for chickens and quails aged 2 weeks and older.

It allows you to side mount the nipple to create your own drinker with any container or bucket. The spring-loaded design works without a gravitational pull, with the action of the bird's pecking wobbling the spring to release drops of water either into the bird's beak or collect into the drip guard beneath the nipple.

Additionally, when placed on the side of a waterer rather than underneath, this creates an advantage when refilling, as the container can be placed flush on its based on the ground.

We suggest one nipple per every 4 chickens / poultry.

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