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PaWz Replaceable Cover For Dog Calming Bed Mat Soft Plush Kennel Charcoal Size XXL

PaWz Replaceable Cover For Dog Calming Bed Mat Soft Plush Kennel Charcoal Size XXL

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Dogs are pack animals. They love to snuggle up and feel safe amongst others. Your dog bed cover is the perfect replacement cover. Use one while the other is being washed.

We know dogs. Your dog bed cover is designed with an active dog in mind. It will last through the scratches and bites of many a dog or even a cat. Let them flop into their bed and rest their head on the baffle.

Your dog or cat deserves a comfortable sleep on their very own pet bed. Get them a new cover. Give them a place to call them own. No more jumping on you in the morning to enjoy your bed.

Just unzip your cover and wash it in your washing machine. The washable dog bed cover for your dog bed keeps the soft pillow safe from dirt. Save time with no hand washing needed.

Keep a few dog bed replacement covers around. You never know when your dog might have an accident. Just grab out a new cover so they can keep sleeping in their favourite spot.

Key Features

  • Machine washable
  • Unzips to easily remove
  • Non-slip and waterproof bottom
  • Plush top surface

Material: Polyester

Dimensions (XXL): 120cm (Diameter)

Colour: Charcoal

  • 1x PaWz Pet Bed Replaceable Cover

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