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PaWz Cat Scratching Post Tree Condo Furniture Scratcher Tower 228-288 High Cream

PaWz Cat Scratching Post Tree Condo Furniture Scratcher Tower 228-288 High Cream

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Product Description


Watch your cat jump onto your floor to ceiling cat tree. Your cat can leap from platform to platform. Add some toys to entertain your playful cat. Dangle bat bat bat bite.

Jump rest and play. Your cat can do zoomies up and down your cat tower. A well exercised cat is a happy cat. Let them scratch and roam. Save your furniture from your cat’s attention.

Your cat tree is not only purrfect for your cat but stylish for your home too. A talking point for humans cats and kittens alike. It will suit your home no matter what décor you have.

Just twist and screw in each part. No additional tools needed. You will soon have your diy cat tree assembled. Just make sure it is firmly pressed against your ceiling. Cats have nine lives but why test it?

Your modern cat tree can fit into any room in your house. Put it a corner of your living room. Install in in your entryway alcove. Keep it next to your fridge. Just make sure your ceiling is between 2.48m to 2.88m high.

Key Features

  • Adjustable height
  • 3 platform levels
  • Soft short plush cover
  • Premium MDF board
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to install

Brand: PaWz

Frame material: MDF board Stainless Steel Heavy-duty cardboard PP plastic

Cover material: Short plush fabric

Adjustable height: 228cm to 288cm

Dimension: 43cm x 27cm x 288cm (W x D x H)

Colour: Cream

  • 1 x PaWz Cat Tree
  • 1 x Installation Kit

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